Hand Cranked Generators for All Your Power Needs

Most of us take electrical supply for granted. We will never think about a circumstance that may arise that will leave us hungering for some Iget Vape. There may be a few instances when power is not so readily available to charge your cell phone, laptop or other such devices. You might be out in the wild camping, in an area affected by a natural disaster or perhaps a location where power supply is in shortage. Rechargeable batteries for your technological equipment will only last for the length of their charges.

There is a solution to this that is easily accessible and portable, known as the hand crank generator. A hand crank electric generator is a tool that can be a source for powering and recharging all your MP3 players, cell phones and other items. Utilization of the hand crank power generator is not that difficult. All you need is the energy in your arms or legs to get the power flowing. It is an electrical generator that works in reverse, working off the principles of magnetism. There are several types of industrial generators and commercial generators that run on gasoline, petroleum, natural gas, wind or water. The simplest is the hand crank power generators that just require some physical stamina and energy.

Here at AT Electronic and Communication International all our hand crank power generators have over-voltage and over-current protection, as well as being waterproof. The generator is a relatively simple device that has a connector that attaches it to the items you are looking to power. You will just have to turn the crank to generate electricity. The power output depends on how fast you crank the device. The voltage regulators will supply you with a steady flow of current. The longer the period that you crank, the more electricity that will be generated by you. Each set includes the generator with foldable handles, a cable with connectors, user guide, a canvas carrying case and a foldable bench. The generators come with options for tree clamps, tri-pods and even bicycle support.

The average weight of a hand crank electric generator varies, for example a ten watt model weighs about 750 grams and a 65 watt model weighs closer to six kilograms with the bench. Not every generator will work with every item you are seeking to charge, only items that have similar voltage and current needs. Based on the model you purchase, hand crank electric generators can supply power as direct current, alternating current or both. It is wiser to look into what your specific needs for power generation are.

Ever wonder when the idea and use for hand crank generators came around? It was in the 1960’s that the military hand crank generator was developed. Military units in the field used the device when they were away from power sources for their electrical equipment. Now, that power requirements have grown for so many different fields and equipment, the hand crank power generator has evolved into an item for everyday use. So the next time you plan a trip to a remote location, you should take a hand crank generator along with you for emergencies. You never know when you will need an alternate power source for your cell phone, GPS device, or laptop.

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