Red Bull Racing – The Milton Keynes Formula 1 Racing Team

Red Bull is a high energy drink that is well known for its slogan phrase ‘it gives you wings’. An iconic drinks brand it has now become the most chosen energy drink on the planet. With record sales of an astonishing three billion cans of purchased every year, it has certainly come a long way, especially since it has only been on the market for the past 25 years.

Red Bull was created in 1987 by an Austrian entrepreneur, Dietrich Mateschitz. Dietrich visited Thailand in 1984 whilst he was the international marketing director for Blendax, a toothpaste company. After the long flight Dietrich was suffering from jet lag and needed a pick me up. One of the locals recommended a drink called Krating Daeng, a high energy drink. Dietrich had the recipe changed to suit the European market.

This took four years and half a million dollars of his own personal savings. He founded Red Bull with Chaleo Yoovihya who also put in half a million dollars for a 49% stake in the business. The remaining two percent of the business was owned by Chaleo’s son. The half million dollars was a wise investment as Chaleo and Dietrich are now worth an estimated five billion. They are were also listed in the Forbes Magazine rich list in 2008 at a joint position 260. An awesome return on their investment but equally an awesome company that have a clear flying direction!

Red Bull’s success is without doubt due to its clever and aggressive advertising marketing strategy. Red Bull sponsor a wide range of high performance sports, with a highly successful and widely known one being their F1 racing team. The year of 2011 saw Red Bull Racing quite literally take off, with Sebastian Vettel smashing the drivers’ championship and Red Bull taking first prize of the constructors’ championship. All the F1 teams had the challenge of working with Pirelli, a premium car tyres manufacturer. Sebastian Vettel was the only driver to visit Pirelli prior to the F1 season.

Red Bull took over from Jaguar Racing, a Ford owned team back in 2004. The headquarters are based in Milton Keynes and the original racing team was owned by the famous driver Jackie Stewart. Having started the team in 1997, Jackie and his son Paul ran the team for just two years before selling the team on to Ford in 1999. Ford made the decision to re-brand the team to aid its Jaguar brand. This was because Jaguar had an image of vehicles for the more mature customer and wanted to re-focus its efforts to gain some much needed younger drivers and owners amongst its customer base.

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