Why E-Cigs Are Great for Long Term Smokers

An e-cigarette, which is short for electronic cigarette, is a device that uses electricity to replace and simulate the use of tobacco by allowing the user to inhale a mist that feels like and appears like the act of inhaling IGET Hot Flavours. E-cigarettes provide the nicotine level and flavor of traditional tobacco that is inhaled. The best part is that e-cigarettes accomplish this without the smoke, odor and health risks of traditional tobacco. These features make e-cigarettes a popular alternative for traditional tobacco smoking and a valid strategy to quit smoking.

There is no tobacco of any kind in electronic cigarettes. There is also no tar and none of the countless harmful chemicals and additives found in traditional cigarettes. This is very significant since tobacco related illnesses are the top cause of deaths that are preventable worldwide, claiming more than five million lives every year. E-cigarettes safely give you the nicotine that you crave without the deadly chemicals and cancer causing elements that are present in traditional tobacco products.

E-cigarettes produce no hazardous or harmful smoke that irritates so many people. Regular smoke from tobacco products contains numerous harmful additives and chemicals, like carbon monoxide and tar. These substances can cause chronic respiratory diseases and even lung cancer or death.

We all know that it is getting much harder to find a place to smoke an old-fashioned cigarette. With e-cigarettes, however, you can smoke them in most public venues. With electronic cigarettes, you do not exhale harmful smoke. Thus, the ever present smoking bans in restaurant, bars and other places do not apply to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are less expensive and convenient compared to regular cigarettes. Most smokers find that they save nearly 80% compared to traditional cigarettes. Many of the e-cigarettes dealers will even deliver your order right to your door, saving you the gas and expense of trying to buy them at the store.

Use of e-cigarettes does not result in cigarette butts, ashes or dirty or smelly ash-trays. They are also non-flammable, so there is not fire risk like with traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes use no flame. A sensor turns on the e-cigarette when you inhale. Since it is not hot, it is safe to put it in your purse or pocket. Also, you no longer have to worry about dropping ashes or embers and burning holes in your clothes, carpet or furniture.

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