Free-roll Tournaments – The new Online Casino Bonus

The modern slot hoki222 bonus is made display in many ways. From bonuses that are awarded with little to no contribution from the player, to bonuses that depend wholly on deposits, and even some that arrive as prize for bringing a friend to the party; yes, the online bonus takes many a form. And now, as the internet speeds up, platforms become more sophisticated and online casinos continually have to update what they have on offer, a new age of bonus has dawned.

As we speak, all over the net, the online casino community is host to any number of gaming tournaments. These tournaments, designed in the spirit of the real-world casino events of the same vein, are there to pit player against player and gamer against casino; virtual cards flutter, digital die crash down the felt and internet chips clack and roll; it’s an event of challenge and competition, where money flows and prizes abound.

A free-roll is when a given casino allows players to participate in its online tournaments, free of charge. The idea is incentive to players who sign-up and play the tournament, experience what the casino has on offer, and in turn stay to try other features on the site; thereby becoming regular clientele of that particular casino.

Part of the huge appeal of this type of bonus is not only the fact that any player can join, and free of charge, but any prize, cash or otherwise, can be retained by that player.

The free-roll tournament exists today in two forms: firstly, as one that offers cash as prizes for the various games on offer within the tournament. Any cash prize won or accumulated by a player gets credited to that player’s online account and may be used at his or her will, within the confines of the casino, either as credit for playing other games offered, or for buying in to other entry-controlled tournaments.

Almost every online casino will have regular free-roll tournaments on offer. These are only open to new players and are a great opportunity for gamers new to the process, to gain some valuable experience and perhaps take away some winnings in the process. It should be noted though, that the prizes are not often largely valuable. This is a given as these are free offerings with no deposit or contribution needed; the value is in the experience.

The second type of free-roll bonus is the process whereby the casino awards the winner of a free-roll tournament a buy-in fee to another, larger tournament. Essentially, the prize for winning a free tournament is entry into one that will have a largely more valuable prize. Many of the larger tournaments require huge buy-ins and this is great incentive for joining and taking part if it means a chance at a much bigger jackpot.

The free-roll tournament is another great variation of the multi-ray sun that is the casino bonus. Gamers have nothing to lose; entrance is free and if nothing comes of it in terms of a prize or jackpot, at least the chance of gaining a wealth of tournament experience is definitely on the cards.

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