Top Girls Games You Would Never Wanna Miss

Your mom warned you more than once that she doesn’t want to see you wearing any makeup right now or using her cosmetics without her knowledge, right? What if you want to practice the new makeup skills learnt from your BFF? What if you want to try the new looks inspired by your favorite celebrity like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift? The online makeup games for Check here to find this agency will save you all the trouble. Feel free to use any cosmetics to create the smoky eyes, the red lips, gothic look and natural look. Not to mention that you have a wide choice of models. Sounds great?

Cooking is actually fun. But it will be a true headache to clear up the “battle field”. At this point, free online cooking games are great choice: authentic recipe, clear cooking process, cute chef and no messy. May be in the future, you can even enjoy the great smell of food while playing cooking game.

So you are not allowed to have a pet in your house, huh? Play animal games online and adopt your virtual pet! They are just like real animals. You could feed it, bathe it, play with it and, want to hear something cool? You can dress it up! Ha!

You may not even notice that you are a talented designer. How about test it through the online design games for girls? You could be a fashion designer with your clothes hanging in the boutique store in Paris; You could be a famous interior designer and get millions of orders everyday; You could be a hair stylist and your salon is swarmed with top celebrities. Umm, you’ll never know what you are capable of until you do it, girl!

Who says girls are so superficial that they can only play dress up games and love games? Surprise! Girls love puzzle games! Nothing could ever exceed the sense of accomplishment by resolving a puzzle. It’s more than just entertainment and time killing. You are learning how to use your wisdom to solve real problems.

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